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Permanent Jewelry Training "Just the Basics"

Permanent Jewelry Training "Just the Basics"

So, you want to learn how to do permanent jewelry and start your own business?! Perfect! We're here to teach you. This listing is for IN-PERSON TRAINING FOR OCTOBER 13 or NOVEMBER 28th. This is a COURSE ONLY PROGRAM NO MACHINE PROVIDED.

At Flash and Fuse we are all about sharing our knowledge and helping you grow your own business. We offer opportunities with a full set up guide to start your business with 1:1 guidance and 1 months mentorship post class.

Our "Just the basics" Course includes :

1 Full day (8 Hours $1200 Value): Technical instruction and hands on welding on multiple different types of materials.

Theory education: ex: Why gold filled v gold, why silver or not etc...

Practice: cutting, sizing, sanding and welding 3 types of different materials.

Best welding Practices

Safety Protocols 

Business Knowledge 101 -llc creation, social media set up (IG, Facebook, ticktok), Alternative phone number set up, domain set up, web template instructions (template included or you can purchase your own ), email set up, and best marketing techniques. ($2500 value)

Total: $3500 ($3700 value)

* Non-refundable Deposits are available to hold your spot in class. Payments are due 30 days prior to your course. Cancellations and refunds will not be given at any point in time due to the inability to re-book your spot. Classes are a max of 4, and 1:1 mentorship is continued after class.*

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