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Online Permanent Jewelry Training with Flash and Fuse

Online Permanent Jewelry Training with Flash and Fuse

Permanent Jewelry Training with Flash and Fuse is the number one training offered within the Permanent Jewelry industry. Learn the skill of micro arc welding to kickstart your journey as a permanent jewelry artist. Welcome to our course!

 So, you want to learn how to do permanent jewelry and start your own business?! Perfect! We're here to teach you.

At Flash and Fuse we are all about sharing our knowledge and helping you grow your own business. We offer opportunities with a full set up guide to start your business with online registration. This includes guidance and continued mentorship post class to make sure you are successful in course completion.

Our pre-recorded online Course includes :

Over 61 modules, over 1 hour of instruction and recorded videos, unlimited access, continued live demos scheduled within the course platform, exclusive invite to our Facebook community, vendor list, marketing materials, OUR EXACT TEMPLATES editable, 78 page business workbook, and more!

Online Access anywhere and whenever pre-recorded : Technical instruction and hands on welding videos, instruction on set up, Argon gas tank set up, regulator knowledge, multiple types of material welds and demos with so much more! As well as support before the course starts to get you set up business wise if you need it (Check our 1:1 Guided online course for more details on business start up assistance).

Theory education: ex: Why gold filled v gold, why silver or not etc...

Permanent jewelers kit: 20 ft chain total ($1500+ resell value to get started), Dremel, hand tools, and jump rings, workbook, and machine manual. Jewelry making kit (19pc), Electric Dremel, argon regulator, argon cylinder 20 cft (not included but instructions for purchase is provided in training), 10 ft assorted 14k gold filled chain (basic) , 10 ft assorted specialty chain (including silver and/or rose gold filled), 5 assorted gold filled connectors, leather protector, and jewelers magnifying glasses. 

Practice demos and videos: cutting, sizing, sanding and welding 3 types of different materials.

Safety Protocols: Waivers, downloads, insurance suggestions, safety tips, care cards and downloads and best practices videos and instructions.

Orion M-Pulse mini mig welder : Optional with Selection of course and Machine Combo. 

Marketing Knowledge 101 -Downloads, templates, canva knowledge and set up instruction, social media insight- ( IG, Facebook, ticktok), Alternative phone number set up, domain set up suggestion/ how to, website and booking site set up with discount code available(Web design not included), website template included (or you can purchase your own ), email suggestion (.com is more professional than gmail) and best marketing SEO techniques. ($2500 value)

* All online courses are for single user access. If you need to add on access for a salon/ users. Please reach out before purchasing. Review out terms of service. Our course is INTERACTIVE WITH QUIZES< DOWNLOADS< DEMOS< AND MORE! We are an authorized sunstone welder dealer and  we offer payment plans through shop pay.  Cancellations and refunds will not be given at any point in time due to the nature of the course being online. 

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