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Engraving, Stamping, and Laser cutting Charms and Connectors

Engraving, Stamping, and Laser cutting Charms and Connectors

Increase your revenue and Permanent Jewelry Business by adding in custom stamping, engraving, and laser engraving charms and connectors. 

This is a TWO course bundle and will not BE accessible until March 1st. This is a presale with a discount

Course 1. Engraving by hand and custom hand stamping. 

Students will learn :
How to hand stamp charms and connectors
Hand set cz gemstones into their charm or connector.  BONUS Video!
How to create a connector by hand punching the holes. 
How to hand engrave.

Course 2. Laser engraving and Custom charm creation with X-Tool D1. 

Students will learn :
How to engrave their own charms and connectors using the X-tool D1 Pro- engraver 
How to create custom shapes and charms/connectors using the x-Tool D1 Pro
Students will be provided: 
Provided a Vendor list for all tools and connector supplies.
Provided a suggested pricing list
Provided a suggested product list. 
HD video quality
Unlimited forever access


** Course is available March 1st! **

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Charms and Connector Engraving Course
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