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Permanent Jewelry Training | Guided 1:1 Online- ZOOM | Orion M Pulse Included

Permanent Jewelry Training | Guided 1:1 Online- ZOOM | Orion M Pulse Included

Our Guided 1:1 training is perfect for those that need a little extra help with their business and feel more comfortable with an instructor to help set up their machine and help post course. 

At Flash and Fuse we are all about sharing our knowledge and helping you grow your own business. We offer opportunities with a full set up guide to start your business with 1:1 guidance and 2 months mentorship post class.

Our Full online Course includes :

-2 days Half day (4 hours each day) training (8 Hours total $1200 Value): Technical instruction and hands on welding on multiple different types of materials. As well as support before the course starts to get you set up business wise. 

-Theory education: ex: Why gold filled v gold, why silver or not etc...

-Practice: cutting, sizing, sanding and welding 3 types of different materials.

-Best welding Practices

-Safety Protocols

-Orion M-Pulse mini mig welder :($2700)

-Permanent Jewelry Kit Includes : Jewelry making kit (19pc), Electric Dremel, argon regulator, 10 ft assorted 14k gold filled chain (basic) , 10 ft assorted specialty chain, 5 assorted gold filled connectors and protectors for each body location.

We also include our "Business knowledge" step by step from start to finish creation of your own individual business set up (Included in our mentorship).

-Business Knowledge 101 -llc creation, social media set up (IG, Facebook, ticktok), Alternative phone number set up, domain set up, web set up (template included or you can purchase your own ), email set up, and best marketing techniques. ($2500 value)

* This course is for a 1:1 mentorship.  If you have more than one person in your business and group- you will need to book the "Train my staff" course. 

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